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  • External walls: complete restoration of the external facades, with cleaning of the stone masonry and reconstruction of the plaster (including mouldings, cornices and architraves), with paint in the original colour.
  • Terraces and other outdoor areas: they are paved with terracotta tiles for the terraces, while Pietra Serena is used for the outdoor areas on the ground floor, as in the tradition of the Florentine roads.
  • Roof: complete replacement of the existing roof, with a new wooden structure and original terracotta tiles, respecting the Florentine construction tradition.


  • The interior finishes can be chosen from among proposals in 3 different moods: ContemporaryLuxury Classic or Luxury Modern.
  • Apartments 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 include Contemporary finishes in the purchase price, but buyers can also choose between Luxury Classic or Modern ones with a surcharge.

Living room and dining area

  • Floors: natural herringbone or slatted Italian oak parquet, with skirting board.
  • Walls: ivory-coloured skirting board with painted wall paint in the desired shade
  • External doors: armoured covered in walnut wood
  • Internal doors: in wood, of different types and shades


  • All apartments will be sold with the connections for the correct preparation of the kitchen, the supply of which is not included in the sale price.
  • Floors in the kitchen or kitchen area will be porcelain stoneware or marble depending on the price range
  • Walls: glossy paint finish


  • Bathroom floors: porcelain stoneware or marble depending on the purchase price range
  • Sanitary: several options to choose from
  • Walls: in Marble, stoneware or painted according to the price range

Mechanical and electrical system

  • Hot water: centralized hot water system in the basement, serving the whole building through a system of vertical accumulations powered by heat pumps.
  • Heating and cooling: the building will be equipped with a high efficiency geothermal system (low consumption of electricity and reduction of noise and CO2 pollution) which uses water sources in the ground under the building.
  • Boilers and air conditioning systems will be entirely located inside the basement of the building with a consequent low environmental impact.
  • On option: Each of the apartments can be set up to be equipped with a sophisticated home automation system, to allow owners to control various functions (air temperature, television, music, etc.) from a remote device.

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